Pokemon flora sky walkthrough
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Q: Where do I get HM Cut? A: It's called "Air Cutter" in this game, you'll nead 4th badge to
have it. It's in Searound
Underground. Q: Where do I find Water/Fire/ Thunder Stones? A: Route S (you need to use Dive). Malias Library (Water
Stone), Polar Forest (hidden,
Water Stone), Mt. Fiery (Fire
Stone, have to 4th badge),
Route L (Thunderstone, after
you got the Secret Potion - 5th badge)...After you beat the E4
second round, you can buy them
at Froster Town. Q: Where's Dive, Strength, Fly, Waterfall? A: HM Dive is in Dark Cave. You''ll need Strength, Rock Smash, and
Surf. You can obtain HM
Strength in Safari Zone if you
got the 3rd badge. And Fly from
old woman at Pulhia City after
you received the 6th badge. HM waterfall is in Water Cave. Q: Azuril blocked my way. How can I pass? (I have 5th badge,
what will I do next?) A: You need 5th badge and get the Gold-Pass at Route AB. Then,
go to Goden City...(If you can use
Surf, you can go many places.
You can train your Pokemon or
do some mini events...) Q: Something blocked the Teaes Gym. How can I go through? A: That's 7th gym. If you got 6 badges, you need an item named
SCOPE to see the hidden thing
there. Mr. Scope at Ocepac Town
will give you if you handle him a
Pulhia Tea. Q: How can I find the Iris - Hotasita Gym Leader? A: After you beat Iris, find her in Pulhia City. Q: I can't go through the Gloomist Forest. What will I need? A: Collect Red, Yellow and Blue Shard (one in the desert and
the others are in city or near
there). Then, go to the peak of
Mt. Fullmoon and encounter
Latios/Latias. Q: Where can I find the Lawn- Mower app.? A: You have to S-Machine and receive the mission 1. Then you
can have it from an old man in
Village. Q: Where can I find HM RockClimb?/I can't use Rock Climb,
why? A: After you beat E4 with higher level. Q: Where can I find Steven? A: 1st-Desert; 2nd- From Golden City (rock puzzle: bottom
right=>top left=>...); 3rd: In a city Q: How many quests and missions in this hack? A: 2 missions and 8 quests. You can find the black guys to
receive the quest. 2 in the
house, 2 in the cave, 2 in the
town, 2 in the route. Q: How many Legendary Pokemon in this hack? A: 21 Legendary Pokemon: Dialga, Giratina, Arceus, Cresselia, Mew,
Mewtwo, Entei, Raikou, Suicune,
Ho-oh, Lugia, Celebi, Groudon,
Kyogre, Rayquaza, Latios, Latias,
Jirachi, Deoxys, Kerudi, Victini. Q: Where can I find the trio beast? A: After you released them, you can find them in a cave near
desert, a grey cave and a cave
in a sea route (need rock climb). Q: How to solve the Ancient Ruins Puzzle? A: It's same as Emerald (Regi Trio Puzzle). Search google, youtube
gamefaq... if you don't know
about it. share ko lang ito baka sakaling maka-tulong sa mga mang-lalaro trainer -hehe- UP
18March2011 - 01:34:54pm
O ayan na po ang mga ksagutan,tnx 2 eyesetokill.
18March2011 - 03:34:01pm
Kulang pa otor yang walkthrough m.wala p s kalahati dagdagan ko n lang.
18March2011 - 03:42:41pm
@eyestokill panu ba ung sa rock puzzle sa golden city bat wala pa rin c steven, help naman, tsaka ung mga black man saang h0uses ko ba makikita, isa pa lng nakita ko ung sa cave, tsaka panu ba talaga makakuha ng HM05, PLS HELP NAMAN
18March2011 - 11:16:58pm
ey ung hm 5 sa aqua town un, ibibigay ni cynthia. Nga pla san nyo nahule si lickitung? Tsaka c ho oh san sa ancient ruin?
18March2011 - 11:23:37pm
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